H2BQ BQ-6999

BQ-6999 from H2BQ in an aqueous solution for use in soil stabilisation. In combination with an appropriate binder (depending on the soil composition – a cement or mixed binder) BQ-6999 ensures a significant improvement of the mechanical properties of the soil in almost all soil types.

In contrast to established products, which only have a high strength, our products are additionally flexible. This means that they increase the deformability (optimises modulus of elasticity, increased elongation at break) of the stabilised soil. This results in less deformation during the period of use, leading to increased durability. (Soils are less brittle and less prone to cracking).

Soils treated with BQ-6999 show significantly increased tensile, flexural and splitting tensile strength values. The use of BQ-6999 thus makes the treated substrate more resilient overall , and it can withstand mechanical loads significantly better. This means that the use of BQ-6999, in combination with a binder, creates a flexible road body that is resistant to water.

In addition, the use of BQ-6999 makes it possible to use soil materials that were previously unsuitable for road construction. Among other things, it is thus also possible to reuse existing road construction material and save the costs previously incurred for removal and landfill.


  • Polymeric binder is creating polymer bridges when adding to the soil particles and cement
  • Improves the adhesive strength
  • An elastic-robust network is formed
  • Act as elastic bonds between the particles
  • The flexible polymer absorbs the energy and does not break under heavy load an impact = robust an crack-bridging network


  • BQ-6999 provides high strength combined with flexibility.
  • Water resistance is greatly improved.
  • The use of BQ-6999 has a positive effect on the longevity of your soils.
  • By using a recycler, a daily output of approx. 6000 m2 is possible.
  • BQ-6999 is supplied as a liquid concentrate and is added to the water on the construction site to achieve the optimum water content.
  • BQ-6999 RF significantly improves CBR strength.
  • BQ-6999 is an “allround binder” for almost all soil types.